We and our new routine Feb2012

Recently, i have come up with a more structured daily routine for our homeschool activities. I really like the idea of planning ahead your upcoming days as it will somehow help me to organize myself and the kids, so that we will get a better and effective day inshaAllah.

One of the major changes that i have introduced is on our waking up time. Previously, myself and husband will wake up for subuh prayer and most of the time we will get back to bed after that (what a loser 😦 ) There will only once in a blue moon that we will not get back into the sack. However, this time around we determine to change our bad habit, before we can instill good habit to our kids inshaAllah. Yes, I do want my kids to wake up early morning for subuh prayer and continue their day early as one of their habit. But I realised, myself and husband have to correct ours first.

Getting back to our new routine, we start the day with subuh prayer. At this time, daddy will wake us up before he goes to the mosque for jamaah. Myself and Lana will then jamaah together for the subuh prayer while the two twins still sleeping on their bed.

Once daddy comes back from the mosque, Lana will have her hafazan session with him for around 1 hour. I will then, get ready for breakfast and maybe do some lunch cooking preparation. I will go up and wake up the twins around 6am to 630am. My intention to wake them early as well is to synchronise their napping time later with their sister.

We will then have our breakfast together around 7 and daddy will then get ready to work. I will make sure Lana and at least one of the twin (in most cases will be Sophia) to shower before 8 – which we will normally start our school. During morning time, I will try to cover arabic lesson, math, tafseer and hafazan with Lana. As for the twin, I will let them to play among themselves, which normally they will come to me to get some kind of attention. Once a while, while Lana doing some work that require no coaching, I will get myself with the twins and play around with them.

Around 1030am, i will get the kids to get into their room and have their nap time. While they having their nap time, i can do what i am doing right now 😛 or doing some reading, searching web ect for about one hour before i start cooking for lunch. Daddy will come back home for lunch after the zuhr prayer which is around 1230pm. I will then wake Lana up to lunch together. The twins will normally continue napping until 130pm.

After zuhr prayer with Lana, i will wake up the twins in case they are still sleeping and feed them lunch. At around 2pm, i will do some English work with Lana for around 30 minutes. Then continue with 1 hour reading session with them. Normally, around 330pm, i will allow the kids to play around outside of the house. Daddy normally comes back from work around 4pm to 430pm. Later will have our dinner around 6pm.

Around 8pm, i will get the kids ready to get into their room to sleep. Currently, we are still in the middle of sleep training process the twins. Previously, both of them will require me to sleep on their side before they can put themselves to the LaLa Land. But this time, i ask them to lie down on their own at their bed while myself sitiing at the bedroom door doing something, normally reading any ebooks on my ipad. Hopefully, they soon can put themselves to sleep on their own inshaAllah.

As of now, we have go through this routine for about one weeks and hope that we can istikamah with what we have been doing insha Allah.

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me and temper :(

I feel slightly bad today.. i feel like i did not able to control myself well. Controlling from screaming or yelling at my own kids especially when i am in teaching session.

Sometime i need to realize that kids are unique. Sometime they get things fast and sometime a bit slow. And the reason why they pick up things slow is actually because of us describing things to them in a way that difficult for them to understand.

Today, I was explaining to Lana some math concept and asking her a few questions. To me, maths is about reasoning and every answer you give is because a reason behind it. And if you give an answer without a reason, surely it is a wrong answer.

I love math very much when i was in school. And I hope that Lana would love this subject too and wouldn’t have any difficultly to understand the subject.

I tried to make Lana understand well her math subject. But sometime, she picks an answer out from nowhere and I somehow feel bad 😦

So it happened, I lost my temper today when these two adds together – Lana picking up answer from nowhere and Rayyan  nagging for milk (he refused milk earlier before i started the lesson).

Hope for a better day forward … insha Allah

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The triangle cutting day

Yesterday, we started off our math lesson slighty different. Instead of playing with the numbers, we spent the session with cutting small triangles…

These small triangles will be using for constructing out the cotter tens fractal triangle. For that, we need to cut out 1000 small triangles which is quite a lot and requires some level of patience. Of course we did not completed the construction in one single day. However Dear Lana was very excited with this lesson. She managed to finish off all the 1000 triangles in one single day… Kiddos….

We will continue the lesson perhaps the next day Insha Allah.

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Be good to your kids

I really love this video. This remind us especially the parents how should we treat our kids the way Rasullah pbuh did.

As a parents, one of our important responsibilities is to keep looking and searching the right way to bring up our children. The biggest mistake a parent can make is to stop learning and seeking knowledge.


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Lana can read @ 5 years Old


All praise to Allah. She is so adorable since she was born, and continue to be the apple of our eyes until now. I pray that she will continue to grow to become a muslim that is special both to us and Allah.

When i first hold her in my arm, i never thought that it will be me, the one who will spend time with her introducing alphabets and how those sounds. During that time, what had been always in my mind was to have a good school and teacher to get her to achieve one of her important milestone in life.

I am so grateful to Allah to show me the path and guidance as well as opportunity to bring up my kids. Never cross to my mind that i can be teacher to my own kids before.

And now, i am so proud with her achievement. May Allah gives us guidance and strength to move further together insha Allah.

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Our new home – the new adventure and new hope


Finally manage to have this new home up and running. This blog will be dedicated to keep track on our day-to-day activities at home as part of our homeschool journey Insha- Allah.

Moving forward, we have a lot of things to learn and cherish together Insha-Allah. May Allah grant us his guidance along the journey.

In addition to that, i need to speed up in familiarizing myself with this wordpress platform which appears quite different from blogspot.

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